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Magnolia CMS User Guide

Add Pages

In the "Pages" section you can see all publications (websites) for which you have an authorization in Magnolia.

Within a publication there is a separate homepage for each language version. Their page name is the language abbreviation (de, en, fr, etc.). The template (page type) is "Home".

In the CMS course we work in the publication "werkstatt" in the subpage "cms".

Task 1: Create new page

  1. Select page "cms"
  2. Create a new page
    1.     Command "Add page"
      1. Page name: your last name (lowercase letters without spaces and special characters)
        See Namenskonvention
      2. Template "Content":
    2.     "Next"
    3.     Page title: Your fullname (written normally)
    4.     "Save"

Task 1: Create more pages

Select the page you created above and create two subpages using the same template.
Use any page name and title – or else: “Research,” “Innovation”
If the new pages are not “in the right place,” leave them there.

User manual (in German)

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