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Magnolia CMS User Guide


Teasers are small boxes that contain additional information or related topics about the main content of a page. A teaser has a title and can contain an image, text and links below.

Teasers are usually located in the Related Content at the end of a page. They can also be located in the Content section for overview pages, in the Related Content (Section) for content pages or as a Teaser Slider.



  1. Create a new teaser in the Related Content area
  2. Add an image
  3. Add one or more links to the teaser

Teaser Reference

Show a teaser from another page by using the "Teaser (Reference)"

  • The original teaser must have a "Teaser Name" (fill in the corresponding field)
  • This name must then be used in the "Teaser (Refence)"

Teaser in the Content area

  • Create two teasers in the content section
  • either with the Related Content (Section) component or with Teaser Slider

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