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Magnolia CMS User Guide

Text/Image component

The "Text/Image component" is the most important component for placing content on CMS pages. You can use it to create texts, lists, tables, images, and links.


  • Longer texts should be distributed among several Text/Image components.
  • Copy/Paste: Paste text without any formating:
    • Win: ctrl-shift-v
    • Mac: cmd-alt-shift-v
  • Tables: Editing of existing tables is done with the context menu (right mouse button)


  1. Add a Text/Image component
  2. Enter a title and some text
  3. Format the text using the formatting buttons and the menues "Stil" and "Format"
  4. Create a table
  5. Create a list
  6. Publish and check the live version

User manual (in German)

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